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Explore, discover, connect, & grow while making lasting memories, fostering strong bonds, and sparking wonder, imagination, & curiosity outdoors.

Empowering well-being, connection, and growth for the greater sustainability of our communities and environment – in partnership with nature.

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In today’s fast-paced digital era, families often find themselves overwhelmed by excessive stimulation, weakened community ties, and a diminishing connection to the great outdoors. These challenges contribute to a myriad of mental and physical health concerns, ranging from anxiety and depression to obesity, impacting overall well-being.

At Inner North Outer Experiences™, we’re committed to addressing these contemporary societal issues. Our mission revolves around the creation and delivery of innovative and enriching nature-based experiences and content. We recognize the vital role that nature plays in fostering well-being, forging connections, and promoting personal growth. 

What sets us apart is our unique focus on providing many of these transformative experiences for both children and parents simultaneously. We understand that the journey to well-being is a shared one, and our programs are designed to unite families in partnership with nature and your local community green spaces.

At Inner North Outer Experiences™, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of nature-based learning, exploration, and relaxation activities. These experiences are carefully crafted to empower individuals and families on their path to enhanced well-being, deeper connections, and continuous personal growth. By fostering a harmonious relationship between people and nature, we aim to contribute to the greater well-being of our community and the sustainable future of our environment. Join us on this journey as we explore, discover, connect, and grow while making lasting memories and connections along the way.

new earth week Release

Explore, discover, connect, and grow via our latest curated Nature Expeditions & Activities for Young Adventurers and Families Starter Kits.

We asked you, we listened –

  • Fun lasting memories & connective experiences through easy engaging outdoor activities.
  • Quality materials available straight out of box ready for use.
  • Ability to spark wonder, imagination, curiosity, and a love of learning in your own green spaces.

Learn how we’re building a bridge of memories through outdoor experiences to preserve family bonds and foster greater public health.

Explore your Nature Expeditions & Activities for Young Adventurers & Families Starter Kit before we run out. First shipment out this May!

What do you want your children to remember? 

Perhaps it’s the treasure of shared memories? The giggles and fun of discovering the peculiar, yet fascinating parts of the world around us. How nature begs us to wonder in awe. To know the wonder & joy of exploration. To know our love and that it’s safe to explore and ask why.

Explore, discover, connect, and grow while making lasting memories, foster strong bonds, and spark wonder, imagination, and curiosity together outdoors through our fun experiential nature-based learning activity kits. 

Our Nature Expeditions and Activities for Young Adventurers and Families Starter Kits are officially here!

Order yours now. 

Explore, Discover, Connect, & Grow

Experience our Family Nature Expeditions for Young Adventurers & Our upcoming Seasonal Day Camps

Where curiosity begins & learning flourishes through exploration & Play Outdoors

Join us for our Nature Expeditions for Young Adventurers & Families, as we do exploratory learning experiences designed to help your children thrive and practice key developmental milestone skills through exploration, connection, learning, and. growth, all in harmony with the wonders of nature, outdoors. 

Discover your child-like wonder, make memories, & gain a fresh perspective as you journey alongside your little ones in the world of mystery and intrigue, right within your local green spaces.

 Interested in upcoming Spring/Summer Mini Family Nature Expedition Day Camp? 

Learn more & sign up today. Registration now open.


Escape the digital grind

Explore our Mindfulness & meditative Sensory Experiences

Discover the beauty & Benefits of embracing Nature

Yearning for a brief break from the digital world? 

Escape your everyday routine and join us as we explore the wonders of the outdoors – Experience our tranquil mindfulness in nature sessions as you’re guided through a meditative sensory journey through nature via Shinrin-Yoku.

Discover potential clarity, focus, creativity, & community while investing in your overall well-being.

 Meet other fellow outdoor enthusiasts & create lasting memories in nature – 

Explore & book our outdoor experiences today.



Did You Know? Your registration in any of our services not only ignites your own growth, but extends a helping hand to our planet. A portion of your costs will go to a non-profit dedicated to sustainability, conservation, and/or aiding those affected by climate change. Together, we can make a lasting difference for a brighter future for all generations.

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Our mission is to foster well-being,  connection, and growth – in partnership with nature — for the greater sustainability of our communities and environment.  In today’s post-pandemic world, we understand the urgent need for action to mitigate the impacts of environmental change and address the increasing health concerns of loneliness, digital overstimulation, burnout, psychological safety to empower greater overall well-being through nature-based learning and support, community, & volunteerism. 

Join us at Inner North Outer Experiences™ to embark on a journey of exploration and learning, mindfulness & self-care, while positively impacting your environment. 

Learn more about our services and how we can help you on your nature-based learning, well-being, and sustainability journey.

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